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Kenya Ibuti AA

Analisi sensoriale

Intense, floral, peach, orange, banana, tea, chocolate.

Score SCA: 86.


Grown at elevations higher than 6,600 feet above sea level, Kenya Ibuti AA is considered to be one of the world’s best coffee beans. The high growing altitudes means that the beans grow slower than at low altitudes, providing more nutrients and allowing them more time to develop their flavors and mature.
Kenya AA is often reviewed as one of the world’s brightest coffee beans, and one of the finest coffee beans known and also one of the coffees most favored by coffee connoisseurs. The largest and best coffee beans from Kenya are grades Kenya AA and peaberry.


  • Country: Kenya
  • Region: Nyeri Country
  • Farm: Ibuti (one of Ipanema’s five farms)
  • Altitude: 1.7000 meters above sea level
  • Processing: Washed and dried sun
  • Classification: Microlot Specialty – Screen 18/19
  • Score SCA: 86