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Guatemala El Platanillo Geisha

Cup Profile

Jasmine, apricots, mandarin, aromatic herbs.

Score SCA: 87


About the Farm

Samuel Coto bought “El Platanillo” in 1977 to Mr. Manfredo Lipmann. Samuel managed the farm until 1985, and it was then when his youngest son Stuardo Coto took control. Since then, Stuardo has directed his Team to focus on quality and productivity with social awareness and environmental responsibility.

New rules were implemented such as the prohibition of hunting any animal on the farm and the felling of trees without prior permission. These values have been the basis for the constant improvement that has been made on the farm year after year.

Social Commitment:”El Platanillo” has partnered with one of its longtime clients for the creation of the school, “El Nuevo Platanillo”, which is located on the land that was donated by the Coto family to build the school.

In 2015, together with ANACAFE, the Ministry of Education of Guatemala and “El Platanillo” worked on the implementation of a high school with a coffee growing degree, a program that won the SCA – Specialty Coffee Association social sustainability award in 2017.

Work practices: Selective pruning is performed to remove deteriorated material to concentrate the food and nourishment of the plant production and yield. The fertilizations that are made on the farm are foliar fertilizations, based on soil analyzes.

Harvest: It is harvested in the period from October to December. In this period, between 5 and 6 picks are made, only the mature beans are picked with an average brix grade of 20%. The coffee reception is done in open scales for a better quality control.

Processing: Selection by hand of unwanted cherries, pulped in horizontal pulpers, 24 hours of fermentation in tile piles, manual washing, drying in African beds.


  • Country: Guatemala
  • Region: San Marcos, Región de Occidente
  • Farm: El Platanillo – Lote El Estadio
  • Altitude: 1.2600 meters above sea level
  • Varietal: Geisha
  • Processing: Washed
  • Classification: Microlot Specialty – Screen 16 / 18